*10 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

3 Bay Auto Sales offers the ultimate auto appearance protection plan available from Final Coat Advanced Vehicle Protection.

Exterior Protection

  • Rust protection on the inside, outside and bottom of your vehicle using electromagnetic surface protection
  • Warranty against rust-through from stone chips, scratches or chipped paint
  • Protection and warranty against paint bubbling
  • Warranty against damage from bird droppings, acid rain, industrial fallout, tree sap, bug and road tar
  • One time installation
  • Transferrable to your next vehicle
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sprays

Interior Protection

  • Fabric, carpet, dashboards and leather included.
  • Warranty against permanent stains from accidental spills of food and beverages
  • One-time application remains effective even after numerous spills
  • Warranty against accidental rips, tears and burns
  • Protection against cracked or faded leather
  • Does not change the natural feel or look of your interior

*Ask Wally or Emil for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.

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