3 Bay Auto Sales offers the latest in 3D Wheel Alignment, Robotic Tire Changing and 3D Wheel Balancing. Protect your premium vehicle investment.

3D Wheel Alignment

  • V3D2 X-CEL imaging alignment system helps provide accurate, real-time measurements that reduce setup and measurement times.
  • This equipment provides vehicle-specific adjustment information with 3D graphics
  • This includes Rolling Radius to identify mismatched tire sizes and Cross Diagonal Measurements to identify frame or structural issues.

Robotic Tire Changing

  • Quadriga ATC 1000 is the industry‚Äôs first truly automatic tire changer.
  • It automatically measures tire diameter
  • uses imaging technology to precisely profile the wheel
  • automatically positions the tire for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking
  • uses precise motor controls to remove/install the tire from the wheel.
  • No Tire or Rim Damage!

3D Wheel Balancing

  • RFV 2000 3D Imaging Diagnostic Wheel Balancer is a fully automated wheel balancer.
  • Automatic measurement of radial, lateral tire and wheel runout.
  • 3D scaled color display of the tread/sidewall/wheel.
  • Laser maps the tread area, providing a measure of nonskid depth.
  • Camera imaging provides precise measurement of the actual inside weight placement for both clip weight and tape weight locations.

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